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    • Abiding Citizen IPA

      Abiding Citizen IPA

      $5/473ml Can

      Citrus Sour Session IPA
      ABV: 4.0%

    • Belgian Berry Sour

      Belgian Berry Sour

      $5/473ml Can

      A part of our Stephen Street Sour Series, this is a mixed berry sour, with some Belgian flavour that brings notes of spice and fruity esters.

    • Clocktower Classic Ale

      Clocktower Classic Ale

      $5/473ml Can

      ABV: 4.8%

    • Laketrail Lager

      Laketrail Lager

      $5/473ml Can

      ABV: 4.4%

    • Magically Delicious Milk Cereal Irish Pale Ale

      Magically Delicious Milk Cereal Irish Pale Ale

      $5/473ml can

      Brewed with Lucky Charms Cereal, 5.3% ABV

    • Stephen Street Sour

      Stephen Street Sour

      $5/473ml Can

      Mixed Berry Sour, ABV: 5.0%

    • Underwood IPA

      Underwood IPA

      $4.60/473ml can

      ABV: 5.6%

    • MacNichol Scottish Export Ale

      MacNichol Scottish Export Ale

      $5.00/473ml can

      ABV: 4.8%

    • Abstraction American Wheat Beer

      Abstraction American Wheat Beer

      $5.00/473ml can

      ABV: 4.8%

    • Runabout Milk Stout

      Runabout Milk Stout

      $5.00/473ml can

      ABV: 4.8%

    • Bloody Jacks Wit

      Bloody Jacks Wit

      $5.00/473ml can

      ABV: 4.7%

    • Pinot Beer ROUGE

      Pinot Beer ROUGE

      $11/500ml bottle

      ABV: 9.0%